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Differently our company gives a big emphasis to the development of a sustainable tourism in the country. To make this a reality our company operates in rules that give due attention to the protection of our environment, preservation of locally practiced cultures, values and customs. At the same time make sure that travel to these places would allow tourists the chance of experiencing it other than a time for brief shallow picture memory.
Our company also encourages and support locally owned and initiated tourism activities such as tourist guiding associations and clubs, use locally run eco-friendly lodges and accommodations. Moe over advice travelers to be part of any locally initiated tourism facilities and services.


All our tours run in the four corners of the country does involve the participation of the local community in one or another way. Other than this we support the community to be able enhance its academic and global knowledge by offering an easy way access to schools and related institutions.

At the same time we design different ways by which the community will be aware about the advantage and benefit of tourism activity in their area and how they would be able to coup up the erosion of their cultural and environmental wealth. More over the community is involved in the planning, management and decision making of projects that are implemented within their territory.


Nationwide tour has been established by tourism professional that has immense and long years of experience in providing excellent & reliable ground tour services.
As a cultural and natural specialist we take you deep in to the social and economic practice of tribes and their ways of life. Real marriage, funeral, food processing and preparing, social gatherings, housekeeping and other daily activities of the local people can tangible be experienced with our tours. We would make the dream of trekking in the off-the beaten truck reality to the scenic mountains of the Ethiopia. Adventure tours to the Afar desert can uniquely be arranged.


Our company has professional team engaged in tour operating and guiding having depth knowledge of the country and skilled with solving problems that may arise while on the tours. Guides working for nationwide tour do speak multi-languages.


In addition to enthusiastic and professional human resource, our company is equipped with comfortable and reliable vehicles (4X4 4WD, BUS, AUTOMOBILES) and fancy mobile camping gears.

Our company is also legally registered by the Ministry of Trade and Industry under license number 642/2003. TIN:0022103849.


Mr. Wako Wondimu
This young and energetic travel professional has worked for big & prominent tour companies based in Ethiopia handling ground arrangements.
Mr. Wako Wondimu is a Managing Director of the Nationwide Ethiopia Tour Company handling requests, attenOur company is also legally registered by the Ministry of Trade and Industry under license ding Business meetings and organizing ground arrangements.
He has also been taking different course. That would develop the practice and use of sustainable and community based tourism in the country. He is a graduate of ICT (Information and communication Technology), Tour Guiding, Eco tourism and presently studying Human and social studies with Specialization of International relation and Diplomacy under UNISA(University of south Africa ) . Mr. Wako wondimu closely working with German Community in Ethiopia and German Organization,and DEUTSCHE WELLE. Mr Wako Wondimu founder of Viva Humanidad Partnerschaften zwischen Schule in Deutschland and Aethiopien and well-known German Speaker tour Guide in Ethiopia
As an academician businessman Mr. Wako wondimu also gives lectures on major tenets of Tourism, hospitality industry and Tourist Guiding techniques in different private and government owned colleges during par times and this has a paramount advantage to the growing tourism sector of the country.


Mr. Zuarfel
Another young professional Tour Guide, who has been graduate of the well-experienced and professionals owned Tourism Institute. He has been traveling to the four corners of the country with people of different interest. More over Mr. Zurafel a German speaking guide apart from his long years service as an English speaking guide.

Mrs. Wondimu W/Hanna
British Scholar Mr.W/Hanna studied in Agriculture, sustainable environmental, crop Protection, sustainable tourism, Mr Wodimu studded in England, India and Africa Presently Mr. Wondimu consulting Nationwide Tour Company in Part time and working in addis ababa with German Company

Clients Testimonies

I would like to thank you for a wonderful trip. You did a great job with organizing everything, the hotels were fantastic. We will defiantly recommend to friends and family , Tourist From Finland


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